The Jolly App Privacy Policy

The Jolly App is committed to providing its users with a safe and secure Internet environment that respects and protects their personal privacy choices and concerns. The following privacy policy is in effect for all the sites owned and operated by Jolly App, and we ask you to read it thoroughly. This policy is derived from pledges that we make to you, our users:

Your consent

By using this Website or Mobile App, you consent to the collection and use of your information as outlined in this privacy policy. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will post them on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it. Changes are effective when posted to this page. Your continued use after any change is posted is an acceptance by you of such change.

Helpful Definitions

"Personally identifiable information" is information-such as your name, birth date, e-mail address or mailing address-that can be used to uniquely identify you.

"Anonymous Information" is information that does not personally identify you. This includes information on how you use our site (such as places visited and search queries performed). Anonymous information also includes the domain names and/or I.P. addresses (as explained in greater detail below) of browsers that visit our site, time of day the site was visited, and other non- personally identifiable information. Anonymous information is information that is not tied to any individual.

Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information


You can visit our site and use many of our services without telling us who you are or revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself to us. It is only when you register to become a Jolly App member or register for certain Jolly App services that you will be asked to provide us with personally identifiable information.

Although the majority of our services do not require any form of customer registration, we do require registration for certain services (in which personally identifiable information is furnished; i.e. web stores, eNewsletters, etc.). During this registration process we require you to complete certain fields, offer optional fields for you to complete, and ask you to select a user name and password. For example, we ask for contact information (such as first and last name, email address, state or province and country). Jolly App will use this contact information to:

If you indicate to us that you do not want to receive certain types of communications at the time of registration, we will respect your wishes, and comply with your preferences.

From time to time, we may run contests on our site in which we ask participants for contact information, such as their email address(es). If you participate in contests, your contact information will be used primarily to reach you in connection with the contests. We may also use the collected contact information to send you information about Jolly App, our services, as well as offers tailored to your interests by our advertisers and sponsors, if you have opted to receive these communications. You may choose to opt-out of receiving such mailings at the time of registration for the contest, or afterwards.

Sharing Personally Identifiable Information with Third Parties

To deliver advertising to you that most closely match your interests, we share your personal information with companies with whom we have relationships. However, we will not share your personally identifiable information unless we have first given you notice that we might share your data (as we do in our registration form), and you have authorized us to do so. Our partners who receive information from us have the right to use the data we provide them (sometimes, in connection with other information they may have gathered about you), but are generally prohibited from sharing this information with other companies or people.

PLEASE NOTE: In certain special cases, we may disclose your personally identifiable information when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to you, or otherwise injuring or interfering with Jolly App's rights, property or operations, other Jolly App users, or anyone else who could be harmed by such activities. We may also disclose your personally identifiable information when we believe the law requires it, or in response to any demand by law enforcement authorities in connection with a criminal investigation, or civil or administrative authorities in connection with a pending civil case or administrative investigation.

Anonymous Information

When you use our site, we collect anonymous information, even if you have not registered with Jolly App. We use this information to personalize your experience at all the sites that Jolly App operates, show you more relevant advertising messages, and generally to improve our services. Jolly App will not share any anonymous information about your use of our site with third parties if we know that this anonymous information will be linked by third parties with personally identifiable information of yours obtained from another source, unless we have given you notice as described above and you have given us authorization to do so.


A "cookie" is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are harmless bits of code that an Internet site assigns to your browser to keep track of who you are when you visit or make purchases. There is no risk of the information on your hard drive being exposed to the outside world since a web site can only read the cookies it creates.

We use cookies to help us provide customizable services and to allow you to sign-in to our site. For example, we can store your zip code in a cookie that enables us to display your local weather each time you visit our site. Cookies also make web surfing easier for you by saving your preferences while you're on our site. Cookies may also be used by Jolly App partners on co- branded Web pages, as explained below in "third party relationships," so please be aware of this as you visit these web pages.

You can choose whether to accept cookies by changing the settings of your browser. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies, or allow your browser to show you when a cookie is being sent. If you choose not to accept these cookies, your experience at our site and other Web sites may be diminished and some features will not work as intended.

Use of IP Addresses

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a set of numbers that is assigned to your computer. Web servers - the powerful computers that provide web pages for viewing - automatically identify your computer by the IP address assigned to it during your session online.

Jolly App may collect IP addresses for purposes of system administration, to report anonymous user information to our advertisers (as explained above), and to audit the use of our site. We can and will use IP addresses to identify users of our site when we feel it is necessary to enforce compliance with our site's terms of use or terms of service, or to protect our service, site, or other users. We will not share or sell linked user behavior and personal user information with any sponsors or third parties unless you have given us authorization to do so. PLEASE NOTE: Under certain circumstances, IP addresses and/or domain names may be linked to personally identifiable information, when said information is stored in databases managed by Internet registrars or registries such as Network Solutions.


Certain advertisers have paid for the right to display advertisements on search results pages corresponding to certain words. For instance, a particular automobile manufacturer may want its advertisement to be displayed when users search for its cars. We want to be clear: by serving these ads, we are not affecting the integrity of the search results in any way. The only difference is that the ads that you see on the page may be influenced by the words searched. Of course, many of the ads on the search results page may also be randomly generated, so there is no clear-cut way of knowing which ads are targeted to certain "key words" searched for, and which are not. This is true whether or not you are a registered user of our site.

Third Party Relationships

In order to provide you with news and features that match your interests, Jolly App has relationships with many media and services companies throughout the world. You can recognize these sites by the joint branding of Jolly App and such companies. If you ever have any questions about whether certain information, content or services pertain to us, or are "powered by" one of our partners, please contact us at,, or via the “contact us” selection in the mobile app.

Whenever you provide registration information on certain co-branded web pages or for certain services provided in conjunction with third party partners, we want to be clear that some data you provide is shared with partners. You should make every effort to read the privacy policies provided by or in association with such third parties, and make an informed decision on your own whether or not to continue utilizing the services based upon the privacy policies posted on these co-branded web pages, at your own discretion. However, we will make every effort to ensure that you have the ability to opt-out of the sharing of such data with partners. You may email us directly at,, or via the “contact us” selection in the mobile app. and we will forward your request to the appropriate company, and help you follow up to ensure that your concerns are adequately handled.

In addition to finding co-branded web pages, you will find direct links on the Website to the sites offered by third parties. Some of these sites are authorized to use the Jolly App brand and/or logo. Again, you should read these third party privacy policies, and make an informed decision on your own as to whether or not to continue based upon these sites' privacy practices, at your own discretion. Third-party sites are NOT covered by this Privacy Policy.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you feel that a site using the Jolly App brand and/or logo has not posted an acceptable privacy policy, or is not following the privacy policy it has posted, please send us an email at,, or via the “contact us” selection in the mobile app. We will endeavor to forward complaints to the appropriate third parties and help you follow up to ensure that your concerns are adequately handled.


Jolly App operates secure data networks protected by an industry standard VPN, Private Network LAN, and password protection. Jolly App has security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your user data under our control. Only authorized employees have access to the information you provide us. For example, we impose strict rules on Company employees who have access either to the databases that store user information or to the servers that host our services. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur; we will make every effort (such as the use of employee passwords and non-disclosure agreements) to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

Contacting Us

If you have questions about this privacy policy or the practices of this site, please contact us at:,, or via the “contact us” selection in the mobile app.

If you do not wish to have your information used as described in this Policy, then you can simply terminate your license, or ask us to terminate it, using the above contact information.

The Jolly App reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. All changes will be posted to this document agreement.